Paul Nelson, Wendy May, Nick Longo, Joe Monthei, Skip Krevins
Lebonon, CT

For so many years, how I miss my Lost Dogs and all the crazy times and fun we had performing all over! What a beautiful run...

'Wendy May & The Lost Dogs' was a country rock band that Wendy formed in 1996 at the height of the country music explosion. Wendy and her band, The Lost Dogs performed throughout the Tri- State area at venues wide and large, including the largest of State Fairs and venues like The Charles Ives Center For The Arts, The Norwalk Oyster Festival, for the Mayor of Greatneck, LI, consistently, year after year....etc., etc., and opening for majors like Charlie Daniels, Kenny Chesney, Mark Chestnut and others. Known on the circuit for many years and followed by loyal fans, large crowds would gather and tell us we should be head-lining instead of 'opening.'

Over the years....The Lost Dogs were: (in order of evolution, or something close to it!)

Tom Schultz; Rhythm Guitar & Vocals, orbiting somewhere, we're not too sure where!
Jeff Soloman; Lead Guitar & Vocals, he kept his day job but hear he's still playing! Jeff and I co-wrote most of 'Matter of Perception' with three amazing songs written by Michael White.....
Dennis Demorro; Drums, from the beginning and like a rock, I could always count on Dennis
Michael White; Bass, vocals & MD, amazing writer and harmonies, RIP...we miss you so!
Ed Benjamin; Bass & vocals, moved to Nashville with his family to pursue his daughter's singing dreams...
Paul Nelson; Killer Lead Guitar, touring, producing & managing Johnny Winter. Paul's playing is magic.
Chris Cioffi; Keys,& vocals, still in the game, I miss you Chris! ...always smiling.
Glen Fuge; Keys & vocals, always filling in when I need him, but now part of the new band and an amazing support!
Gerry Giamio; Lead Guitar, The best sub ever! If a year went by, you'd still know what to play, so steady!
Skip Krevans; Steel, Guitar, so smokin' retro! I always loved watching Gerry keep up with you!
John Glover; Drums, all our New York and New Jersey shows....I miss you too!!
Glen Peterson; Drums, most of our upstate CT fairs, has been on a couple of years hiatus! come back!!
Nick Longo; Drums, a sub until I began playing with the Monthei Brothers Band and grew to love his feel!

There have been steel players, and others who've filled in over the years, but these are the crux of
'The Lost Dogs', and for them I am grateful for so many magic moments.
I miss you guys and the amazing magic we created.
Thank you for being a part of so much of my life and my love.

Those of you who have know us, have known us for years.
~Thank You~ for supporting us and we enjoyed working with all of you!
I am enjoying performing with, and look forward to seeing you with the new band line up!

More info & pictures coming soon.

(Photo by (Scotti Boy)

In Loving Memory of ~ Michael White ~

Husband to Betsy, father of Chelsea and Carter, son and brother of his extraordinarily musically talented family, and Wendy and the band's inspirational, most valued bass player, lead & harmony singer, writer and friend.
Please listen to his Featured song 'Picture Me' written, performed and arranged by Michael.

Though he is gone from this plane, his spirit will live on. Through his music we can be reminded of his many talents, kindness and the gentle loving soul that was Michael. Michael is now free of the insidious cancer that he battled for over a year never complaining once and always optimistic.
You are greatly Loved by many and....You will be greatly missed by many.

The CD 'Matter of Perception' that Michael and Wendy recorded is available at and

Featured Song from 'Matter of Perception':
Picture Me

Written by, bass & harmonies: Michael White
Vocals & Harmony: Wendy May

Hebron Agricultural Fair, Hebron, CT -
Opening for The Charlie Daniels Band

Pictured: Wendy May, Michael White, Paul Nelson
Wendy May, Michael White, Paul Nelson pictured,
Opening for The Charlie Daniels Band
at The Hebron Agricultural Fair, Hebron, CT

After 'The Lost Dogs' and recently...I have been fronting....
'The Monthei Brothers Band'
Wendy May & The Monthei Brothers Band
Tom Tribuzio, Wendy May, Joe Monthei, Nick Longo, John Monthei, Chris Cioffi
Portland, CT 2009
...and 'Aces & Eights'
Wendy May & Aces & Eights
Glen Fuge, Paul Staffioti, Bob Santamaso, Wendy May, Al Curtis
Terryville, CT 2010

Hogs & Heifers, NYC
with The Lost Dogs
Photo courtesy Rick Borgia

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